About us

S + by Zusse was founded in 2022, in Copenhagen, by owner Zusse Durbahn.

Zusse herself was born and raised in Greenland, where she has her beautiful culture and nature in the back of her hand, with a strong connection to everything organic, where the many styles have been created.

S + By Zusse has long been a wish of creating her own design;, in fact since she was young, she has sewn and knitted most of her clothes.

The brand was created because we think there is a lack of a raw look, for women with beautiful round shapes and who dare a little more.

With us, you’ll find a black clothing style – that’s because we think it’s elegant, classic, timeless, light and comfortable, which fits all wardrobes. It can be toned up or down, with different accessories.

S + by Zusse was created with the purpose of giving plus-size women the “strength” to be exactly who they are! ….at least that’s what I feel myself when I wear S+ by Zusse’s collection  “

Founder and Owner

Zusse Durbahn

Zusse Durbahn