S+ by Zusse was founded in 2022, in Copenhagen, by owner Zusse Durbahn.

Zusse herself was born and raised in Greenland, where she carries her beautiful culture and nature as a backdrop, with a strong connection to all things organic, which is where many of the styles were created.

S+ By Zusse has long been a dream, in fact, since she was young, she has sewn and knitted most of her clothing.

The brand was created because we believe there is a lack of a raw look for women with beautiful round shapes, who dare a little more.

With us, you will find a black clothing style – This is because we think it is elegant, classic, timeless, easy, and comfortable, which suits all wardrobes. It can be toned up or down with different accessories.

“S+ by Zusse is created with the purpose of giving plus-size women the ‘strength’ to be exactly who they are! …at least that’s how I feel when I wear the S+ by Zusse collection”

Founder and Owner

Zusse Durbahn

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